Max May: The Classic Cat Eye


A step by step guide to mastering the art of the Cat Eye – courtesy of the one and only Max May.

Max suggests the following to achieve this iconic look

Step 1
Line the bottom water line and inner corner of your eyes with a black pencil. 

Tip;Smudge the pencil softly through the lash line with one end of the cotton tip, removing any excess away with the clean end.

Step 2
Cut a small 2 inch piece of masking tape and stick it a few times to the back of your hand. This will takeaway some of the tackiness so it doesn’t hurt the sensitive skin that is around the eye. Place one end of the tape just under the outer corner of the bottom lash line and the other on an imaginary line that goes from the outer corner of the eye to the top of your ear. I use this point as a rough guide when deciding on the angle of my flick. You want your flick to have a little lift but not too sharp of one. 

Tip; Try a few different angles just to make sure. You can even do a trial-run by using a easy to remove pencil and roughly draw in your flick just to really make sure you have made the right decision.

Step 3
I used Curtis Collection Luxe Liner to achieve this rich, quick drying line. Start by laying the liner on a slight 45 deg angle to your eye. Using the pointy end of the liner place it as deep as you can into the inner corner of the eye. Using the lash line as a guide drag the liner out and across the lid to where you meet the tape. As you did the lash line, simply follow the tape to perfect your flick!  

Note; Look for any gaps you may have missed while looking at your self square in the mirror. You may need to slightly thicken the outer corners of your eye line, in which case you can do that by flipping the pen around and starting half way up your flick drag the pen back towards the middle of the eye. This will give your liner a little more thickness and intensity!

To finish
Remove the masking tape and apply Mascara to top and bottom lashes. Use the ball on the end of the mascara to get deep into the root of your lashes. It is also particularly good for getting the finer lashes along the bottom lash line!

With this retro style still going strong, the cat-eye liner is one makeup trend that isn’t going away – and it’s easy to see why. Day or night the cat-eye gives off a seductive cool-girl vibe, no matter the situation! Get the full story on the Max Made blog

- Max May