The V Contour Technique


Create your perfect lighting! Give yourself an instant facelift with our flawless “V” technique. Its the power of light! Our secret to highlighting, contouring and creating a youthful complexion in a single sweep.

Perfecting this technique is easy… Just follow our simple steps to complexion perfection!


A flawless contouring technique that will instantly lift, highlight & contour the face in all the right places, through the use powerful of light reflective minerals. It’s our secret and we are sharing it with you!


Have you ever applied an additional layer of foundation in order to cover those dark circles and flaws that never seem to disappear? The result – a thick heavy foundation application that appears caked on, dull and has zero glow! Not a good look!

Designed to protect, perfect and illuminate, the powerful Curtis Collection light reflective minerals recreate the most flattering light on the complexion – a luminous, candle lit glow with seamless, soft focus coverage. Capturing, diffusing and softening surrounding light, the Curtis Collection Airbrush Minerals create the illusion of complexion perfection.

Ideal for the following beauty concerns:

  • Concealing dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Adding lift to the face and restoring the appearance of volume where it may have been lost
  • Contouring and sculpting the face
  • Dull skin, lifeless skin that has lost volume
  • Achieve coverage where you need it without caking on your makeup

By using a mineral concealer that is designed to reflect light in the areas that you need added coverage, you are effectively concealing, covering, contouring and highlighting all at the same time! This technique also creates the appearance of volume and height in your cheek bones creating an instant lift to your face by bouncing light off these “high spots”. The focus is then shifted from your dark circles / under eye bags, to your actual eye colour! This is due to the light bouncing up onto this area. Flaws become undetectable to the naked eye and our powerful light reflective minerals create the illusion that skin is flawless. Your complexion will appear naturally radiant, plump, luminous and highlighted in all the right places. Adding this extra layer will soon become your favourite step in your makeup application. This technique will help you to achieve the Curtis Collection Signature Glow.



  1. Begin by applying primer and your favourite Curtis Collection Mineral foundation to your base.
  2. Drawing a line with your Airbrush Finish Mineral Concealer in an upwards direction from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat on both sides. This will create a “V” shape on your face.
  3. Next form a triangle on each side of your face by stroking your concealer along the lower lash line and down the side of the nose.
  4. Proceed to colour this triangular area in with concealer & blend well
  5. Watch your face instantly appear lifted, highlighted and contoured in just the right spots. Dark circles are concealed and light will bounce off the high spots on your face creating a more youthful, uplifted appearance. Shifts the light to reflect higher on the face
  6. Apply concealer down the bridge of the nose and in a “V” shape between your brows and blend for added highlight
  7. For the ultimate runway cheekbones, add the finishing touch by applying our Mineral Illuminating Highlighter Pen along your cheekbones in the same “V” shape from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of your eyes and blend.
  8. Finish by contouring under the cheekbones with our Baked Bronzer in Island Goddess and add a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks with your favourite blush shade.
  9. For extra highlight and luminosity, dust Mineral Velvet Shadow in Diamonds and Pearls down the bridge of the nose, along the cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow for the ultimate glow.


A lifted, more youthful appearance that leaves skin glowing, highlighted and contoured in all the right places. Kiss dark circles and tired eyes goodbye with this flawless technique designed to sculpt and contour your face to perfection. Eyes will appear brighter, cheekbones higher and the focus will shift from your flaws to your assets!

This technique will change the way you apply your makeup. Imagine having the perfect lighting on your face 24 hours a day. For those seeking added coverage with their foundation, they can achieve this with a product that will conceal, contour and reflect light rather than caking their makeup on. This mean you need less foundation to achieve flawless, glowing skin. It’s a game changer.

- Victoria Curtis