Imagine having the most flattering lighting on your complexion everyday!

Soft focus, candle light that illuminates and highlights the skin while softening imperfections and fine lines. Makeup that actually creates the illusion of a flawless complexion in an instant. The answer….. Curtis Collection Minerals! It’s the power of light…..

The secret to achieving the flawless Curtis Collection Signature Soft Focus Glow lies within the brands innovative multi mineral formulations.

Designed to protect, perfect and illuminate the skin, the powerful light reflective minerals in our foundations recreate the most flattering light on the complexion – luminous light with seamless, soft focus coverage. Each of our luxurious mineral formulations contain powerful light reflective properties that capture, diffuse and soften surrounding light creating the illusion of complexion perfection.

How does it work?

Once applied on the skin, the Curtis Collection minerals act like thousands of little mirrors, reflecting light away from any flaws in your complexion. By scattering light, imperfections become undetectable to the naked eye, creating the ultimate illusion that skin is flawless and lit from within. Light bounces off the skin, lighting up your complexion and delivering an airbrushed like finish, as if you have the best lighting on your face all day long. Unlike traditional makeup, the concealing properties in the Curtis Collection Minerals not only cover and conceal, more importantly they illuminate and highlight in all the right places.

It’s the illusion of perfection – it’s the Curtis Collection Signature Glow!

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Stay tuned for all of the how to’s, backstage access and Victoria’s tips on how you too can achieve the Curtis Collection Signature Glow.

“Typically clients who have never experienced our Mineral Foundations are unsure about the coverage that mineral makeup can offer them. We can confirm that our mineral formulations will hands down offer the most flawless coverage you have ever experienced, while ensuring that your skin remains clear, nourished and protected – this all adds to the glow! The power of light is the secret to achieving our Signature Glow. I love the thought of having the best lighting on my complexion all day long! Its the look we all want and now it is super easy to achieve with our luxurious Curtis Collection mineral must haves!  ”

- Victoria Curtis. Owner and Founder, Curtis Collection Cosmetics